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The Concept

90% of us amateur cooks have a small kitchen and basic appliances to play with but we can produce great things with those!

Our aim is to offer a domestic environment, warm and welcoming where anyone can feel right at home. Yes, we have the latest domestic technologies, thanks to our friends ad Neff and Bosch but we could easily have them at home or we have something similar anyway, albeit not that fab!

We want everyone to have fun as well as be able to learn new tricks and recipes to impress family and friends, we also hope to welcome the professional home cooks, the ones who think they should win some of the TV talents shows - we are ready to take on the challenge during some of the game nights!

The key element is that you are able to repliacate what you have learnt here at home. We do not all wnat to become chefs, most of us do something else in life, but that does not mean we do not want to learn, get better and have fun along the way. even better if we can share the experience with like minded people. 

We also want to offer foreigners, who want to try a different culinary moment while in Milan, a new place and a top quality experience. Authentic yet modern. 

Our ingredients:

  • The lounge to welcome guests, an area to relax and enjoy before or after the class
  • A big kitchen space for up to 24 participants – each with their own work station
  • A small and very private kitchen space for only 5 guests who will enjoy a close encounter with top chefs
  • An area for events, presentations, parties and more. This area could also be used for business meetings before class or to eat afterwards
  • Not a resident chef but the best chefs from Milan, Rome and the rest of Italy
  • A culinary library with books from all over the world
  • A wine corner to open special or rare bottles


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